We are proud of our work!

On this page we want to show the latest achievement of our laboratory: the modification of a neck Yamaha adapted to a King Zephyr.

A sicilian our friend was in possession of King Zephyr 346xxx, those who have the connection body-neck as opposed to those used today, that is, the body output  has the male bush and neck engages with a double female bush. (In the picture below you can see a Zephyr original neck).


The instrument had no neck and he just to play it, waiting to find such a original neck, had adapted a Yamaha neck to the instrument. The problem was that the male bush of this neck came within the male bush of the body, but it could not be fixed because the missing of the exterior sleeve, complete with a screw. Besides, the air tight was rather precarious.

Our friend contacted us hoping to find an original neck. Unprovided of a original neck, we offered to make the modification to the Yamaha neck, and here is the result! The neck has now taken on the appearance of the original King, and it works great! The seal of the inner bushing, which we proceeded to tighten internally to that of the body is now perfect, and the outer screw provides to perfectly fix the neck to the body so as not to allow the oscillation of the same on the right and left due to the screw fixing of which is equipped with our modified bushing. Furthermore, we have realized an aluminum cap, of which the instrument was unprovided, to protect from impacts the shrink coupling of the body.

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