Great instrument of the french Pierret craftsmen, the Super Artist is a professional horn with remarkable characteristics.

Historical information of these instruments do not give us a precise date, but considering some aspects of construction and engravings, we can definitely place the date of manufacture in the mid 50s.

Very solid from the structural point of view, has a mechanical rather ergonomic and comes complete with all controls, including those no longer in use today such as the trill of the G sharp, on the right hand, and that of the trill of the D sharp, always on the right hand, but sideways. The neck is provided with a ring which acts as a stop for the proper pitch not to be confused with the so-called “MicroTuner”.

But what is most striking about this instrument is the tone really warm and full of harmonics, like few others. Intonation is excellent, the volume is remarkable, maximum spontaneity even in the low register.

We have restored this instrument with Saxgourmet pads, new springs, felts, corks. Certain that the appearance is that of an instrument rather lived, but all wearable parts are new.

Supplied with a hard case not original.

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