S.N. 165474 (1934)

For lovers of vintage sound this King Voll True II can represent a really good choice.
Dating from around 1934 this beautiful instrument is the direct predecessor of the Zephyr. The sound is beautiful, big and warm, very spontaneous and well-tuned over the entire range.

The lacquer is the original one, of course partly lost here and there because of age. The mechanics are in good condition, there are not signs of shock passed.
It is just been completely refurbished with Saxgourmet pads, springs, felt and cork.
The mechanicals were tight, there is no noise, the setting of the pads is perfect. The instrument responds very well and is very nice to play it.
The neck, which is also in excellent condition, match the serial number of the body.
All the original mother of pearls are present, noticeable that on the octave key command.
The case is not original and has some problems with one of the latchs, but will be fine for a possible shipment.

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