The renowned German company Keilwerth, still known for the instruments of the highest quality, the model “The New King” is one of the cornerstones of their history.
The serial number 30xxx puts him around 1960.

The instrument is characterized by the particular embodiment of the key guard of the low tones, in plexigass, in the shape of wings. Moreover, the instrument have the rolled tone holes, such as that of Conn. This characteristic was maintained even today on the instruments of actual production.

The original finish is silver, well maintained over the entire instrument, which has been completely restored with American Precision pads, springs, felts, corks.

The instrument plays really good, with a great sound very spontaneous and tuned on all registers. The mechanics are really easy and ergonomics. Instrument certainly professional.

Supplied with a hard case and the metal cap, I think the original.

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