S.N. 18570

Are considered “stencil ” instruments produced by a given brand, under another name. This Elkhart Tenor sax is a stencil of Buescher. In the title I wrote that is considered a model “Transitional – New Aristocrat”. In fact to me seems a New Aristocrat (see http://saxpics.com/?v=gal&a=2788) but the keys of the low tones are both on the left side of the bell, as the model Aristocrat next.
For this reason I consider it transitional, i.e. in transition from one model to another.
All things considered, this instrument is of some rarity, with truly exceptional features.

The original finish is silver, very well maintained on the body, partially disappeared on keys.
I restored the instrument in my laboratory, replacing all wear parts (pads, springs, corks, felts), tighting the mechanics, eliminating any play keys and noise, and finally with a very accurate setting of all the closures for a perfect sound response.

To highlight that I realized the only improvement of the instrument did not have,  the automatic opening of the G sharp on the pallet of the left little finger (see photo).
Now this beautiful Elkhart is really a professional instrument, equipped with all the automatic and with tonal characteristics really relevant: the tone is beautiful, deep and dark, great sound projection and excellent intonation, easily blowing on lower tones, but big spontaneity on high register and on the harmonics.
Its equipped with a wooden cap and a hard case, not original.

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