S.N. 250XXX VINTAGE 1929

Direct parent of the Aristocrat model, this True Tone Series IV  presents all the characteristics that make it a complete and professional instrument: the automatic opening of the high F, become standard on this model, and the automatic under the key of G sharp, of which the series had not yet provided, but we have made in our laboratory ( see photo). The instrument is in excellent condition, has never been knocked in the past, the original silver plating is in excellent condition . We have restored all wearing parts: all pads replaced with new Saxgourmet black leather kangaroo, replaced all springs, felts and corks. The mechanics were tight to eliminate all the plays between the keys and as a result all the noises. The setting has been studied in detail. The result is truly amazing! The response of the instrument is unique, maximum spontaneity in the blowing, excellent intonation over the entire range, beautiful dark tone and powerful characteristic of the models of the era. Included the metal cap and the hard case, maybe the original, in good condition.

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