S.N. 329XXX VINTAGE (1949)

A piece of history of the saxophone, the Big B Buescher Aristocrat is one of the most successful ever instrument. The intonation and timbre of these instruments are really exceptional, the ergonomics are good, a professional tool.

This 329xxx from registration charts in circulation appears to have been built in 1949, the body is healthy and shows no sign of previous dents, lacquering original was taken away for which the instrument is fully unlaquered.

It ‘been completely restored to new rather recently, Saxgourmet pads, resonators, for the most part, are the original snap-in tools which were equipped, while where they were no longer present we mounted domed resonators without central rivet . All the Norton springs have been replaced. Replaced all felt and corks.

Supplied the original cap, plastic and a soft case.

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